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SXSWedu 2016

Fair Use: Let it Transform You

Learners of all ages are creating media as a way of learning. They use images, websites, graphics, videos, music and interactive media in their own creative work. But these new pedagogies also raise some eyebrows about copyright. When can students use images they have found online? Why should they use these materials? When students ask if they can use a pop song in their video, what do teachers, librarians and technology specialists say? In this session, you will learn how, why and when it is lawful to use copyrighted materials for digital learning (and ESPECIALLY when it is not). By understanding transformativeness, you will gain confidence in making a fair use determination.

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  1. Understand and recognize the value and purpose of copyright law in the context of student multimedia creativity
  2. Apply fair use reasoning and the concept of transformativeness to specific contexts and situations that involve student learners as media makers
  3. Appreciate the role of education and advocacy in expanding public understanding of copyright and fair use in a digital age



Renee Hobbs, Professor, University of Rhode Island

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