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SXSW Interactive 2016

Say Goodbye to the Middle Man

Consumers now expect to shop and transact directly with their favorite brands, anytime and anywhere. Technology is an overarching reason for this demand to be reached in a more personalized and direct way. It has leveled the playing field against traditional brick-and-mortar businesses and primed online companies to create alternative solutions that leverage technology and build stronger connections with their target consumers. This panel brings together these online brands to discuss the challenges of not having a traditional, physical presence, yet how they are creating incredibly personalized levels of service that cut out the middleman and bring the product directly to the consumer.

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  1. What are the challenges and benefits of only having an online presence?
  2. What do consumers expect from the brands that are attempting to sell to them directly and how does this differ from 10 even 5 years ago?
  3. Why are consumers looking for a more direct relationship with brands and what happened to change this?



Sarah Bernstein, Publicist , SutherlandGold Gold

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