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SXSW Interactive 2016

Technology Adoption as Policy Linchpin

As technology innovation speeds forward, the gap between early and late adopters is growing to the detriment of individuals and communities. Digital adoption is central to addressing a range of policy woes from underperforming schools to unemployment to housing security. Home broadband adoption took policy center stage in 2015 with President Obama’s Broadband Opportunity Council, the FCC’s Lifeline proceeding and HUD’s public-private ConnectHome effort. This session will discuss the gap, how to consistently link access and adoption across sectors, critically explore policy options, share exemplary examples and look to the future of continuous digital adoption in relationship to innovation.

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  1. What are the digital adoption gaps and barriers we see today and on the horizon?
  2. What are the leading public policy initiatives seeking to address these gaps/ barriers, and what are the opportunities to advance digital adoption?
  3. What lessons can we take from the last five years of public and private interventions to apply to the next five-10 years?



Larra Clark, Program Dir, American Library Association

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