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SXSW Interactive 2016

Kill the Banner or Long Live the Banner?

In digital advertising circles, nothing is more maligned than the banner ad. Audiences allegedly loathe these ad units and clients view them as a waste of money. In our panel discussion, executives from the creative shops, John McNeil Studio and Hook Studios, will debate the merits of banner ads and conduct a live experiment with a publisher (such as Wired) and a brand client to show how a banner ad might be made over into a unit that's more meaningful to users.

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  1. What does research tell us about the effectiveness of banner ads?
  2. Whose fault is it anyway? Are brands, publishers of agencies responsible for the industry's static state?
  3. How do we make marketing relevant in the digital space and make the internet hospitable to advertising in the future?



Steve Sapka, Pres, Sapka Communications

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