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The Next Generation of Science Teachers

1957’s Sputnik launch created concern for the nation’s security. That concern sparked a revolution in education, giving teachers the autonomy, respect and resources to teach science to future leaders and workers. Now the landscape is starkly different requiring them to defend science as well as teach. They now need to navigate high stakes testing, address skepticism on topics like climate change, fight for classroom instruction time, and keep up with students who live and breathe in a tech- and social media-savvy world, all while inspiring students. It’s not the 50’s anymore, but the challenges to U.S. leadership are just as dire. Teachers must be leaders and advocates for science education.

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Learning Objectives

  1. Empower science educators to become leaders and advocates for the profession and for science education
  2. Build awareness among education stakeholders about the importance of science education in our world and the important role of science teachers
  3. Highlight the important role of scientists and scientific research in establishing the content that is taught in the science classroom



Cindy Workosky, Communications Specialist, NSTA

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