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Computer science: America's untapped opportunity

Software and computers are everywhere, revolutionizing every field around us. But the majority of schools don't teach computer science. believes every student should have the opportunity to shape the 21st-century and wants to turn this problem around. has already helped over 100 million students try computer science for the first time with one Hour of Code, partnered with 70+ school districts to bring courses to schools, released a free online learning platform with 10% of students in K-8 US schools enrolled. We've helped change policy in 16 states to better support computer science. This is just the beginning of our vision to bring this foundational field to all students.

Learning Objectives

  1. Explain why computer science is foundational for all young people to learn
  2. Identify strategies for bringing computer science to your school or district
  3. Identify the historical and cultural reasons for inequity in computer science



Melissa Glenn, Exec Asst,

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