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Summit on Project-Based Citizen Science Curriculum

This summit session aims to introduce, discuss, explore, and present hands-on curriculum ideas for citizen science projects. The summit will be divided into three 2-hour sessions: air (hot air balloons), land (weather station), and sea (buoy). In each session, we will introduce each project as well as give participants hands-on instruction on how to build, program, and modify each instrument. We will then lead them in some 'free swim' time to play with their project, make it their own, and finally brainstorm as a group to develop activities that make use of their project in a way that fits into their own educational environment.

Additional Supporting Materials

Learning Objectives

  1. An increased understanding of citizen science as a meaningful maker activity.
  2. Increased confidence in using and modifying some basic citizen science technologies and techniques, such as logging sensor data from an Arduino.
  3. An understanding of how to generate and incorporate hands-on citizen science activities into their own classroom.



Ben Leduc-Mills, Education Researcher, SparkFun Electronics

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