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The Whale Project II: Arts-Based Learning

Scientists, Artists, and Educators across the country are joining forces on an arts-based, experiential science learning initiative. Working together on a conference, the team modeled the process of arts integration, utilizing proven effective teaching strategies, to spark teacher and student excitement about science, art, and the world around them through arts-integrated science curricula. This talk will highlight the process of structuring an arts integration experience as a professional learning experience for K-12 educators. Touchstones for our talk will the 2015 WSU Arts Integration Conference, plans for the 2016 Conference, and pertinent arts education research findings.

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  1. Exploring the potential of this type of educational collaboration to forge connections between higher education and K-12 institutions
  2. Examine STEM from an arts based perspective
  3. Model and engage teachers in thinking in more holistic ways



Tamara Goldbogen, BTS Endowed Chair, Arts Learning, Weber State University

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