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SXSW Interactive 2016

What Will a Sports Fan Look Like in 2030?

This will project Whistle Sports’ millennial audience into adulthood, which allows an exploration of how brand loyalties develop and take shape over time. It will legitimize millennials by transforming them into a future audience with significant purchasing power. It will reinforce that young millennials won’t snap back into the traditional model of sports consumption. It will take visual form by bringing “models” on stage to simulate key ages (i.e. here’s today’s young sports fan at 20, 30, 40, etc). This presentation will discuss how to best deal with brands/advertisers, cater to young millennials and how sports content will continue to change into the future.

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  1. How are millennials forming brand loyalties and what will they look like in 15-20 years?
  2. What will the adult sports fan look like in 15-20 years?
  3. How can brands, agencies and content producers best connect with millennials now and into the future?



Rahul Kalita, External Affairs & Dev, Whistle Sports Network

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