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A Data-Driven Culture: Who's Behind the Wheel?


Changing teaching methods and protocol isn’t easy. Making sense of the plethora of data isn’t either. It is critical to help teachers easily understand how to make sense of data usage and how to apply it to the classroom. Recent reports show the need to shift the focus from data for informing, to the creation of a culture where data is embraced, effectively used, and for continued results in improved practices, programs, and student achievement. During this panel, learn how to drive with data, creating the culture needed to impact change in educators and students.

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  1. Participants will learn how to use the right data to surface leading indicators in student achievement.
  2. Discover ways to leverage data to gain actionable insights at a district level.
  3. Gain insights on how to create and nurture a data driven culture in districts and schools.



Sarah Johnson, Mktg Specialist, DreamBox Learning

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