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Getting to Know Your Future Self

Jerry Seinfeld and Daniel Kahneman can't be wrong. We are indeed strangers to our future selves. Social scientists now know how to help us get to know our future selves. And current marketing trends are capitalizing on these discoveries.

Psychologist and Gallup Senior Scientist Shane Lopez will demystify the latest science on mental time travel and share three strategies for introducing your present self to your future self. Based on his study of over 1 million people around the world, he argues that it is our hope that makes investing in the future pay off today.

Dr. Lopez will tell stories of the first legal beer brewer in Kansas in 100 years, the first food truck owner in Paris, and gamer who is changing the world through a mobile app to highlight how hopeful people are different from plain old optimistic folks. Finally, he will challenge each participant to start a ripple of hope through their own business and community.

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Shane Lopez, Senior Scientist, Gallup

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