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SXSW Interactive 2016

Getting Millennials off the Couch & to the Stadium

Everyone has heard it by now. The younger generation is extremely tech savvy and wants instant gratification. Millennials consume media through two screens at a time and the technology of those screens keeps getting better and better.

So then, what’s the future like for live events? With better TV’s and the ability to live stream almost any game, how do teams, sponsors, and live event platforms convince this new generation to step away from their screens and get to the game?

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  1. Will evolving technology make the live event going experience obsolete?
  2. How do teams, sponsors and live event platforms convince a younger generation to attend sporting events?
  3. What will the future of the live event going experience in sports look like?


  • Darren Heitner, Sports Business Writer, Forbes
  • Priya Narasimhan, CEO and Founder, YinzCam, Inc.
  • Christopher Pencavel, Head of Global Content, StubHub
  • Sarah Spain, Columnist, espnW


Cameron Papp, Comms Mgr, StubHub

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