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SXSW Interactive 2016

Design on Your Feet: Lo-Fi Service Prototyping

This hands-on session will introduce participants to a powerful design tool - service prototyping.

The service prototype is a tool for testing a proposed service by observing the interaction of users with a prototype of the service put in the place, situation and condition where the service will actually exist. Service prototyping is also a valuable internal tool for aligning and focusing teams around a service concept.

Low fidelity service prototypes can be a quick and cheap way to:

- Align teams around a problem or solution
- Feel the breaks in an experience
- Design for an emotional customer experience

Over 2 hours participants will get on their feet and learn by doing.

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  1. When is service prototyping the right tool to use?
  2. How to plan for an execute an effective service prototyping exercise?
  3. How to sell in the value of service design and service prototyping in your organization?


  • Tim Dawson, Experience Design Lead, Isobar


Tim Dawson, Experience Design Lead, Isobar

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