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SXSWedu 2016

Incorporating Social Media Certification in Class

Highlighting the social media certification program from Hootsuite University, this panel demonstrates how professors can work with students to sharpen digital skills in today’s rapidly changing media environment. We will share our research into professor, employer and student perspectives of the program. As professors who have both researched and used Hootsuite University in our classes, we will share key skills, tips, and takeaways for enhancing the social media savvy of students or employees.

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  1. Explore the challenges both students and professors face in a rapidly changing media environment
  2. Share research insights into social media certification training in the college classroom and receptivity to training among students and professionals
  3. Share best practices for integrating Hootsuite University into a social media education program for the classroom or professional training



Matthew Kushin, Asst Professor, Shepherd University

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