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SXSW Interactive 2016

The New Screens: Worldbuilding and Worldblending

Storytellers now have access to an unprecedented array of tools, from traditional film/TV to wearables, AR, and VR. How can these technologies be used or combined to craft the next generation of media and entertainment? Following up on last year’s acclaimed “Storytelling with the New Screens” panel, USC Annenberg Innovation Lab’s Francesca Marie Smith and Geoffrey Long share what they’ve learned and what’s next, drawing on their work at the intersection of academia and industry. Highlights include worldbuilding design and franchise development for Microsoft, Google, and studio teams; worldblending prototypes with AR, wearables, and the Internet of Things; and previews of their new book!

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  1. What are the unique storytelling capabilities of "new screens" such as AR and VR devices, wearables (like smart watches) and the Internet of Things?
  2. How can creators design storyworlds that leverage these capabilities to foster amazing experiences for audiences, interactive or otherwise?
  3. What might the future of storytelling look like in five to ten years—and how can attendees get there first?



Francesca Smith, Research Fellow, USC Annenberg Innovation Lab

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