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SXSWedu 2016

Moving the Needle: Innovation and Change in EdTech

Join representatives from the ISTE board of directors (International Society for Technology in Education) for a spirited discussion related to the future of learning. Leveraging the Horizon K12 report’s 2015 edition for key trends accelerating the adoption of technology to guide the discussion, these ed tech industry leaders will debate and discuss systemic solutions from diverse vantage points. Plus, the audience will be invited to ask tough questions and join this engaging conversation.

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  1. What can we (as ISTE board members & audience participants) do to fuel innovation and transformation in the education technology landscape?
  2. Debate and discuss key trends accelerating adoption of technology in our schools as identified by the Horizon Report 2015 edition.
  3. Explore anticipated shifts to deeper learning approaches, students as creators, collaborative learning approaches, and rethinking how schools work.



Kari Stubbs PhD, VP, Learning & Innovation, BrainPOP

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