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SXSW Interactive 2013

Get Physical: Making Space Data Real on Earth

Most of us dream about space exploration - but haven't yet touched those stars ourselves. Can earth science and other open data connect us physically and personally to the exploration of the universe? It could be that the Space Station is overhead; it could be that a solar storm has exceeded a threshold; or that in space it is very very cold. Can we adorn and decorate our lives with what we've learned from space? Can we bring data close to us to engage us physically in far-off exploration- and let those interactions to change our digital lives? We'll look at a variety of real space data and the international, cross-disciplinary collaborations that can discover its secrets. There is a certain thrill that you feel when you know that you are connected to something. From our earliest use of technology to synchronize and connect communities we have used simple interactions and design to inform people, providing connections to things and places beyond ourselves. Let's see what's possible.

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  1. What is powerful about the data we have from space exploration? Why is making that data physical important?
  2. What new ways of seeing data do we hope to discover?
  3. Can we use simple physical interactions to connect us to data? What examples from the International Space Apps Challenge that demonstrate that?
  4. What happens when physicists and technologists work together with jewellers and designers? How can these types of collaborations change the future?
  5. Can touching data physically lead to new discovery?



Ali Llewellyn, Community Advocate, NASA Open Government Initiative

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  • Tags: open data, space
  • Event: Interactive
  • Format: Panel
  • Track: Science and Space Exploration
  • Level: Advanced
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