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SXSW Interactive 2016

Cultural Placemaking Through Interactive Storytell

In this fun and interactive workshop, heritage and preservation will be juxtaposed with interactive storytelling. Every community has its stories, its history and its legacy that we want to pass on. Austin's African American Cultural Heritage District is an area of Austin rich in history and culture, but whose stories are often overlooked or not known in the rapidly growing Austin and gentrification of the neighborhood. We will demonstrate our new interactive Discover Heritage Map which we collaboratively produce interactive multi-media with local middle school students. The session will demonstrate how interactive media and community projects connect to students' own stories and help create

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  1. How can we use technology interactively to revitalize cultural institutions through youth/community participation?
  2. How can we advance our site’s interactive technology to aid the school and community based education of our communities youth?
  3. How can we advance our site’s interactive technology to advance the arts in our community?



Matthew Gossage, Project Mgr, African American Cultural Heritage District

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