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SXSW Interactive 2016

Beyond screens: future interactions in wearables

PCs, laptops and smartphones have all relied on screens but the next shift in human-machine interaction needs a fresh take on inputs and outputs. We've sent our editors and writers to date with smartglasses on, party in smart jewellery pieces, chat to their home security systems and pay for breakfast with contactless payment bands to get a sense of which interactions enhance our lives and satisfy our motivations and which cause social awkwardness or frustration. We will explore how tech can disappear and how context can mislead your AI, ways to fuel the imagination once you take away displays and why allowing robots to guide human learning with haptics doesn't have to be scary.

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  1. Who is getting haptics, voice, touch and gestures right in trying to work out what comes after the screen in wearables and IOT?
  2. What new rules of etiquette do we need to navigate wearable tech and smart home devices that don't use screens as signifiers that they are computers?
  3. What criteria should be used to decide on screen versus non screen interactions and what is the role of the smartphone?



Chloe Atkins, PR Mgr, Wareable Ltd

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