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SXSWedu 2016

Stories of Building a Math Curriculum

At a school emerging into the Austin Alt Ed scene going into its fifth year, the real challenge is building a math program that is different and innovative while still engaging and exciting, but also getting kids to learn what they need going forward. This conversation will give the audience a few specific project ideas, some references to get more interesting lessons, tales of what has worked and what hasn't, what makes our curriculum different in terms of material and style, and a general storyline of what it takes to build a curriculum from nothing.

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  1. a general idea of what we have been building at my institution
  2. the successes and failures of creating your own curriculum
  3. a few classroom thinking project assignments and where to find them


  • Zach Hurdle, Teacher, Skybridge Academy


Zach Hurdle, Teacher, Skybridge Academy

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