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SXSWedu 2016

Improving 3D printing workflow to boost learning

3D printing is taking off in libraries, schools and universities, expanding opportunities for creative learning and expression. But one of the biggest obstacles to helping all people benefit from this trend is a lack of capacity in these institutions – in terms of physical space, equipment, technical know-how, broadband capacity and person power. How can these learning centers lead everyone onto the 3D printing on-ramp without creating a logjam? It's possible! Hear from a panel of burning souls from across the 3D printing world who have dedicated blood, sweat and tears to advancing the 3D revolution.

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  1. Learn strategies for providing 3D printing in your library or education institution on a limited budget and with limited resources.
  2. Learn how to accomodate a large and growing number of users of your library or education institution's 3D equipment.
  3. Learn about specific networking solutions that can help your users seamlessly complete 3D printing projects.



Charles Wapner, Information Policy Analyst, American Library Association

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