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GTA50+: Grans Tap Also. (Good UX for Baby Boomers)


The over 50s now make up make up over half of the US population and that number is growing at a rate almost three times that of the 18-49 age group. They spend more time online than any other age group, have more disposable income and are showing the fastest growth in the take up of tablet computers. So why are 'seniors' such a blind spot for developers and designers?

This panel, hosted by Gingersnap - the new platform that helps grandparents and grandkids stay better connected - explores what makes great UX for these 'later adopters'

Speakers: Marc Goodchild (formerly of the BBC), product designer Marie Gladd, mobile expert Priya Prakesh and design specialist Ollie Campbell.

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  1. Trangenerational design theory says all users should be treated equal but when is it right to branch your UX and how do you manage the different ages?
  2. Seniors tend to be less au fait with the latest design trends so should you expect them to adopt and learn or compensate with what they already know?
  3. Most 'senior tech' is designed to help the over 50s survive old age, but do you make apps for that make ageing an 'emotionally positive' experience?



Marc Goodchild, Product Officer, Gingersnap Studios

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