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Dickinson Makes - Connecting Campus Makerspaces

Do you want to build a makerspace? Chances are, you probably already have multiples ones on campus. By connecting spaces your school has already invested in, you can make resources on campus more accessible, streamline the training process and build community between faculty, staff and students while encouraging a culture of making and entrepreneurial thinking. Dickinson Makes (#dsonmakes) is an online resource highlighting campus makerspaces, organizing information about equipment and training available and organizing related workshops and talks. An overview of the program will be presented followed by an audience discussion about how it can be replicated elsewhere.

Additional Supporting Materials

Learning Objectives

  1. Outline core elements (equipment, expertise, sample projects) in a variety of makerspaces already found at many schools.
  2. Analyze how Dickinson approached this initiative including timeline, outreach, prototyping and piloting.
  3. Examine how other schools would be able to replicate this endeavor through discussion with audience attendees.



Brenda Landis, Multimedia Specialist, Dickinson College

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