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SXSWedu 2016

How The Internet Changes What And How We Eat

The Internet has changed everything about how we live, both seen and unseen. Beyond viral videos and information access, the web is also changing the way we relate to, learn about, and consume food. The web has started to play an active role in shaping our food system and food trends, which has a larger impact on agriculture, commerce, and consumption. How does the “collective brain” that is the web shape individual tastes and trends? This panel will look at all the unexpected ways that the internet is helping the next generation of entrepreneurs and food activists to remake the food system to accommodate both a rapidly changing world, and a new kind of customer.

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  1. Looking critically at how food system is shaped by technology
  2. Informing people about issues at stake in food system today
  3. Revealing unexpected ways web has an impact on our collective food consumption habits


  • Elettra Wiedemann, Executive Food Editor, Refinery29
  • Roy Choi, Chef, Refinery29
  • Marion Nestle, Professor of Food Studies at NYU, NYU
  • Nick Green, Co-founder & President, Thrive Market


Elettra Wiedemann, Exec Food Editor, Refinery29

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