SXSW Interactive 2016

Building a 1-on-1 digital LEGO platform for kids

When children reach a certain age, it is not always that easy to keep them interested in LEGO® products. At the moment we don't have the possibility of knowing what happens after our consumers have purchased a box and there are many other platforms, such as YouTube, that ‘own’ our relationship to the children. We need to strengthen the relationship with the children, so we started project "My LEGO Experience." Pioneering a child's first social media experience is not without challenges. In this panel will explain what we've learned so far, from building app development skills and user experience design to requirements from various local regulations and coordinating deliverables from 5 teams.

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  1. How can you create a safe social space for children – the LEGO way?
  2. How can something digital make a child engage with a physical product longer?
  3. How can you communicate directly with a child under 13 years?


  • Dennis Bjoern Petersen, Senior Producer, LEGO
  • Robert Lowe, Senior Director, LEGO
  • Cephas Howard, Senior Design Manager, LEGO


Dennis Bjoern Petersen, Sr Producer, LEGO

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