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Small Live Music Venues - Who Needs Them Anymore?

Across countries, all around the world, small live music venues have been the backbone of the live touring circuit for bands & local music fans for decades.
Now, venues are facing challenges from rising costs without rising revenues, artists touring less for the same reason & new residential neighbours bringing noise issues.
How do these changes affect established venues & artists at all levels, local communities that want a place to see live music & what is being done to keep the independent spirit alive?
We explore how venues are fighting back, how the industry & government should, could & is supporting them and be how artists feel about these venues in the past, present and future.

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  1. How important are small venues really to artists, the industry and local communities? Surely it makes sense to have fewer bigger venues that cost less
  2. Why are so many small venues around the world closing down? What is the cause, why can't it be stopped & what is being done to support them?
  3. How would new artists hone their talent if small venues disappeared? Where would the industry go to discover new artists?



Sybil Bell, Founder, Independent Venue Week

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