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SXSWedu 2016

Taming the Maker Beast: Getting Mobile & Modular

Why isn't anyone talking about the elephant in the maker classroom? You know, the one where you have one teacher and 25 eager students, ready to get their hands on saws, power tools, sewing machines, and 3-D printers? Maker Education is hot, and rightfully so, but has anyone really addressed the issues of how to inspire creativity in this sometimes hectic environment?
In this session, experienced maker teachers will offer practical solutions for managing a school maker space. This will lead to a productive, student-centered maker classroom where teachers can actively monitor and scaffold a variety of simultaneous projects, and go home at the end of the day without a throbbing headache!

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  1. Participants will develop maker projects that challenge all levels of students to take risks, collaborate and create.
  2. Support projects with engaging, easy to make instructional videos that will allow students to direct their own learning and teachers to monitor.
  3. Organize and schedule a mobile maker space in the classroom to increase productivity, so students aren't waiting around for tools in limited supply.



Ana Josephson, Teacher, Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders

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