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SXSW Interactive 2016

How Working in a Social Agency Made Me Hate Social

The agency model is broken and ill equipped to deal with the lightening pace of the changing digital world. It’s frustrating. Working in the agency world provides great insight into businesses but a narrow scope to achieve the desired outcome. Digital advertising is meant to inspire and persuade people and the only way brands can achieve this is by working together across the entire organization. When agencies are shielded from all stakeholders involved and unable to seamlessly integrate social marketing objectives throughout all practices of an organization, the tasks are poorly executed leading to less than desirable results.

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  1. How can the ad agency business model be improved?
  2. What are the hang-ups?
  3. What does the future of the ad agency world look like?


  • Brian Steel, Social Media Manager, PayScale
  • Ron Schott, Senior Communications Manager, Global Campaigns and Brand, Microsoft
  • Karianne Stinson, Social Media Manager, Priceline


Brian Steel, Social Media Mgr, PayScale.com

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