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SXSW Interactive 2016

Breach Aftermath: Cleaning Up The Mess

There’s a lot of cyber security doom-and-gloom going around these days. In the last few years corporations and government organization have suffered from breaches resulting in lost jobs, lost business and a frenzy of activity. For every bit of activity you see in a headline, there is an equal amount of work going on behind the scenes. This panel of experts, all involved in the response to the 2015 OPM breach, will provide a behind-the-scenes look what happens when a company finds out it’s been breached, from patching up security to making sure those affected are protected. In addition to some interesting insight, attendees will come away with best practices when responding to a breach.

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  1. What goes on behind the scenes when responding to a major breach such as OPM?
  2. What can security and business owners expect if they are breached?
  3. What are the actions they should take to get through it with minimal impact on the bottom line?


  • Joe Ross, President and Co-Founder, CSID
  • Kevin Lancaster, CEO, Winvale
  • Patrick Hillmann, Vice President, Levick


Helen Murphy, Acct Supervisor , CSID

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