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SXSW Interactive 2016

New Advertising Models for Virtual Reality

With the emergence of VR video platforms such as Milk VR, Vrse, WEVR, and Vrideo it is only a matter of time before advertising makes the leap into virtual reality. But how will video ads work in virtual reality? Are we doomed to rebuild the existing system or can we invent a new advertising model that benefits brands, publishers, content creators and the users themselves?

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  1. What technical and creative conventions need to be established for video ads to work well in virtual reality?
  2. Will branded experiences be pre-roll or post-roll interruptions like video ads work today, or will they be the actual content users seek out?
  3. How interactive should VR video ads be? If interactive what input devices should be standardized?


  • Aaron Koblin, Co-founder, CTO, Vrse
  • Anthony Batt, Cofounder, Wevr
  • Alex Rosenfeld, CEO, Vrideo
  • Nicholas Dicarlo, VP of Virtual Reality at Samsung, Samsung


René Pinnell, Founder, Kaleidoscope Media

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