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SXSW Interactive 2016

Cybersecurity Mythbusting: What’s the Real Deal?

In recent years, the general public opened their eyes to security breaches and privacy concerns as Target and Snowden made headlines for months on end. 2015 followed with the biggest government hack in history (OPM) and a massive healthcare data breach (Anthem) among others. People are scared and confused and rightfully so. Much of the breach coverage fails to provide consumers with any truly useful information on what to do next to protect their digital identities, stirring panic without resolution. This session will tell you what to really worry about, debunking common cybersecurity myths, and shed light on the tangible steps you can take to keep your identity safe.

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  1. What exactly happens to a consumer's data when it’s exposed in a breach? Are they sure to become a victim of identity theft?
  2. Does creating a strong and unique password actually matter? What are consumers risking by reusing the same password across multiple sites?
  3. What immediate steps can consumers take to safeguard their digital identities?



Ariel Miller, Sr Acct Exec, INK PR

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