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SXSW Interactive 2016

Internet of Things: Just Someone Else's Computer?

The Internet of Things not only enables new technological possibilities; it forces us to confront and upend assumptions we have about our devices, our property, and our persons.
Embedding networked computers in a wider range of objects--not just tablets and phones, but cars, wearables, medical devices, appliances, and homes--generates data about consumers, and gives control over how the devices work and the data they generate to people outside the consumer's home.
Our laws and behaviors are built around personal control of personal property. But now that those devices are "smart," they can have "loyalties" to people other than their owners, in their code and in the law.

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  1. Who gets to control the data that my devices generate? What does the law have to say about protecting my privacy?
  2. How much control do consumers have, and how much do the device manufacturers? Can they turn them off if they want? Can I modify them if I want?
  3. What does networking devices do for their safety and reliability? How vulnerable are they to bugs and exploits, and how can we mitigate these harms?



Sherwin Siy, VP Legal Affairs, Public Knowledge

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  • Tags: #iot, #ip, #privacy
  • Event: Interactive
  • Format: Panel
  • Track: Intelligent Future
  • Level: Intermediate
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