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Social COE: Extending Social Across the Enterprise

Companies are no longer talking about whether or not they should be participating in social media but rather "how much" and which channels. To that end, the biggest problem that large companies face is scaling and codifying social media across the organization.
For companies that take social media seriously, one approach to making social more meaningful and far reaching is through creating a social media center of excellence. Often this means pulling together a team of experts with various skill sets such as analytics, paid media, channel expertise, corporate communications, engagement -- sometimes in a formalized group, other times as a council.
During this panel, experts from Intel, Verizon and Fidelity will talk about their experiences, insights and best practices in creating social media centers of excellence within their organizations. Each company will represent how their particular industry, focus and maturity level impacts the development and maintenance of an SMCOE.


  1. How do companies scale social media to maximize impact across the enterprise?
  2. What role does a social media center of excellence play in scaling and codifying social media across an organization?
  3. What are the different approaches to creating a social media center of excellence?
  4. How does a social media center of excellence evolve over time?
  5. How do different companies like Intel, Verizon and Fidelity Investments codifying and scaling their social media efforts across the enterprise?



Aaron Strout, Head of Marketing, WCG

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