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SXSW Interactive 2016

Lose the Spam with Omnichannel Experiences!

How many of the emails and other messages that you receive from brands are really tailored for you? Me neither... But you’ve probably been using their services for years, leaving behind swathes of data that should be helping brands make your life better. Consumers are getting more and more impatient with irrelevant messaging, and with the arrival of tech such as Beacons and the physical web, it’s critical we stop spamming, and start treating customers as people, not segments. In this highly interactive ‘doing-things’ session, we’ll create an entire brand data ecosystem, showing how you can build up uniquely detailed pictures of customers, and engage them as people, not segments, for the firs

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  1. What are the data signals I can use to build up realistic and personal views of my consumers?
  2. Which channels, surfaces and devices can I use to personalize experiences, and what does it look and feel like when I do?
  3. What are the options for extending my knowledge of the customer into the physical space? How do I overcome the fear of real-time localized spam?


  • Tim Dunn, Director of Strategy, Isobar


Tim Dunn, Dir of Strategy, Isobar

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