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SXSW Interactive 2016

Don't Call Me Mom

Whatever you do, don't call her mom. In 2014, Millennials gave birth to 85% of the babies in America but that doesn't mean she wants you to talk to her like a mom. The modern Millennial mom, like all Millennial women, has many faces to her life. She is passionate and driven and, because of technology, empowered like no generation of mothers before to continue pursuing her interests and passions independent of motherhood.

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  1. What makes millennial and millennial-minded moms different than moms of the past?
  2. How can marketers reach millennial and millennial-minded moms?
  3. How can marketers have a conversation with Millennial moms -- speaking to her individual needs across all facets of her life?


  • melissa goidel, Chief Revenue Officer, Refinery29


Samantha Baker, Asst to Chief Revenue Officer, Refinery29

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