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SXSWedu 2016

Parental Engagement & Creating STEM Communities

How do we better engage parents in STEM education? How do we create stronger STEM communities and ecosystems? In this session, panelists from diverse settings -- including the Harvard Family Research Project, a national science and engineering education non-profit, and the Center for Research on Lifelong STEM Learning -- will discuss their experiences engaging the entire family in STEM learning and offer insights for ways to engage and support parents in particular. This panel will focus on how to leverage parents’ influence as role models for their children in teaching 21st century skills as well as STEM concepts.

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  1. Discuss how to engage parents in their children’s STEM education in the face of intimidation and unfamiliarity with STEM.
  2. Ways to inspire and prepare parents to lead their children’s education, with consideration of limited resources of many parents.
  3. Creating STEM communities with parents, teachers, scientists, engineers and children through mutual learning models.



Maggie Jaris, Dissemination Coord, Iridescent

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