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SXSW Interactive 2013

Protect Digital Assets Against Government Seizure

The MegaUpload.com seizure exemplifies the now routine seizure of domain names by the Government. With domain names, the Government also seizes IP assets. From a seizure of 100s of domains in 2010, these seizures have broadened to include entire corporations. The seizures now also involve international police powers. Yet, not surprisingly, the government's actions in these efforts has been characterized by a lack of transparency.
This government veil of secrecy has led to confusion about policy priorities and the level of cooperation between government and industry. Is the government seizure of this property necessary to protect consumers and businesses? Or, is it indicative of government being used by corporate America as its running-dog? Whatever one's position, the government seizure of domain names and assets represents one of the most hotly discussed public policy issues of the day. For, the veil of secrecy, combined with the seeming intransigence in the MegaUpload c

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  1. Who is at risk for having the Government seize their domain names and the intellectual property assets contained thereon?
  2. How does seizure of a domain name and its intellectual property assets occur?
  3. Do seizures of domain names make sense from a public policy perspective?
  4. What are the legal issues involved in seizure of domain names?
  5. What form of structures can owners of IP assets and new technology employ to create more certainty in their business operations?



Charles Mudd, Attorney, Mudd Law Offices

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