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Robots, Robots, Everywhere! - The Musical

Our goal is to give participants a hands on experience of the RoboArts Intesive - presented by The Paramount Academy Of The Arts and Science In A Suitcase. Together, we will go through the creative writing process, script new stories, program our robotic characters, find similarities in the engineering process, costume and stage design, song-write and share our performance for each other.

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  1. To create a strong understanding + functionality of the theatre, stage-creative writing and songwriting while leveraging the open world of robotics.
  2. Foster a creative energy in our students to access these items from their personal and artistic toolbox.
  3. Pushing for students to understand and view the likeness of the engineering, creative writing and songwriting process.



Antonio Delgado, Minister of Fun And Education, Science In A Suitcase

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