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SXSW Interactive 2016

The Power of Poise: Chi for Pitch and Presentation

Chi is considered a life force in Asia. Many entrepreneurs are mindful of balancing their chi and assess their partner’s for a potential investment. The average people are said to be using only a quarter of their inner energy, wasting the rest. Poise enables you to maximize chi, channeling positive energy to others. Through poise, you can connect with an audience emotionally and win their confidence. Based on the ancient Asian wisdom and practice of managing chi for success and wellness, this session will help you leverage chi for a successful pitch or presentation. By understanding your own life force, you will be able to perform under pressure, delivering a winning message with charisma.

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  1. How to tap into the source of your chi (energy) and leverage it for maximum impact for a successful pitch or presentation
  2. How to connect with the audience emotionally and influence them effectively
  3. How to attain and retain poise without being nervous



Eun Y Kim, Pres, CEO International

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