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SXSW Interactive 2016

Kill Procurement: Find the Right Agency in 6 Weeks

Agency searches usually start with hand-me-down experiences, outlines from consultants or advice from procurement on how to conduct a fair assignment. Challenge the status quo and the “tried and true” agency search process.

Join business management expert, Erinn Farrell for a conversation on how to craft a search that focuses on you. After all, you know what is most important to you, how you work and what your company is capable of. Ask yourself: does the status quo benefit the search consultant, procurement teams or the brand team? Done with the right level of engagement and involvement, the whole search can take six weeks from start to finish, including internal time for your team.

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  1. What steps do I take to find an agency partner in 6 weeks?
  2. How can I determine if an agency is the right fit?
  3. How can I be confident in my agency partner choice?


  • Erinn Farrell, Senior Vice President of Business Management, space150


Kristen Emmons, PR & Emerging Media Planner, space150

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