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SXSW Interactive 2016

Building SEO into Your Site Makeover

When it comes to search rankings, old folks have a leg up. The longer you’ve been around, the more likely you are to be at the top of Google's list. But when it's time to give your website a makeover, there's a serious chance that you'll lose your coveted page one spot.

So, what's the solution for companies who want to overhaul their UX but maintain their status as top dog? In this session, StubHub’s Head of Mobile, Parag Vaish, will share best practices on how to overhaul a site while retaining optimal search rankings. He'll draw on StubHub’s changes to illustrate how an established company with millions of users went through the makeover of a lifetime - and ended up better for it.

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  1. How does a company maintain its SEO ranking after a site makeover?
  2. What are some general tips to keep in mind for improving SEO?
  3. Why does SEO matter so much?


  • Parag Vaish, Head of Mobile, StubHub


Hela Sheth, VP, LaunchSquad

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