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SXSWedu 2016

STEMlandia - An outdoor STEMcache gaming adventure

How can you open the door and let nature help guide STEM learning? Hear how our pilot, STEMLandia – an outside gaming adventure at an arboretum, used geocaching to explore and engage people of all ages with the outside world. Learn how educators can design and create STEMcaches and use a free tool to connect them through adventures that guide players to discover and uncover STEM concepts and content. These location-based adventures are a great way for teachers to address nature deficit disorder and reconnect digital natives to the local environment. Don’t spend hours locked in a classroom, create an adventure to uncover STEM connections that leave no child inside!

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  1. Understand how a real-world treasure hunting game can be used to create an outdoor adventure to connect STEM learning with nature exploration.
  2. Learn how to create a STEMcache, a special type of geocache, to facilitate learning and exhibiting 21st Century Skills with STEM concepts and content.
  3. Overview the free tools available to educators to work with learners to create an engaging STEMLandia type adventure.



Barb MacEachern, Dir of Outreach, EdGE at TERC

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