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SXSW Interactive 2016

Bring Sexy Back: Redesigning Enterprise Software

We are advocating for the death of clunky enterprise software and terrible customer service! There have been no new players in the enterprise social space for the last 30 years and we are going to talk about why. We want to bring sexy back to enterprise software and provide great customer service. Service is becoming the only true differentiator within companies but we’re still in a world where it is taking them 24 hours to respond to an email. The status quo is no longer set by the enterprise, but by the customer. So take a stand as a customer and demand great service. And as a company, meet that expectation.

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  1. How can we redesign enterprise software to meet the needs of customers?
  2. Why are enterprise companies using social software from 30 years ago, can we stop them?
  3. Imagine the future. You have an issue and it's solved right away on the medium of your choice. As a company how can you bring this to life?


  • Davy Kestens, CEO and Founder of Sparkcentral, Sparkcentral


Shawn Szurley, PR & Customer Mktg Mgr, Sparkcentral

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