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SXSW Film 2016

Transforming TV with Brits who Cracked America

Successful British TV/Film experts celebrating the current wave of British talent at the forefront of Film and Television in America, discuss their own paths to success and the hurdles they’ve overcome to break into the American Film and Television market. The panel will quantity how British drama has revolutionised the world of public broadcasting in the Sates with the likes of Downton Abbey/Mr. Selfridge on PBS and the landmark deal between BBC America and AMC Networks, and highlight the successful co-production advantages of accessing the British governments generous tax incentives for filming in the UK and bringing a cost effective co-production successfully back to the US for broadcast

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  1. Why does the UK drama format work so well in the US?
  2. Has British creativity and British talent (in front and behind screen) influenced US productions?
  3. Does the UK offering in terms of writers/talent/locations, and the impressive tax incentives, influence US producers to bring productions to the UK?



Richard Powell, Vice Consul, UK Trade & Investment

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