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SXSW Interactive 2016

Achieving Scale and Deepening Engagement

Time On Site, Click-Through Rate, Pages Per Visit and Monthly Active Users. The ways to slice and dice how large and engaged your audience is, well, endless. Traditionally, media brands measured these things with the number of monthly subscriptions and newsstand sales however, for digital-first media brands such as Refinery29 and Mic, the engagement has always been measured in real time. As media companies across the board strive to scale across multiple platforms, how do they balance retaining a strong point of view with growing their audience? Panelists will discuss how quantified audience numbers and their connection to their sources compliment each other and impact business decisions.

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  1. How have these companies seen advertisers react to comparing audience size versus audience engagement?
  2. In the race to release relevant, timely content, how have these companies scaled editorial staff while maintaining a distinct voice?
  3. How do founders of successful media companies measure success for themselves and their teams? How important are numerical metrics?


  • Christopher Altcheck, Founder and CEO, Mic
  • Justin Stefano, co-founder and CEO, Refinery29


Tara Dhingra, Sr Dir of Strategy , Brew Media Relations

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