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SXSW Interactive 2016

The Future We Deserve: Designing Public Services

This is a call to action for public service to use design to do more for the greater good. We want to inspire you to create experiences that will improve people’s lives. We will give you tools to design with citizens, not for them, to create the future we deserve.

This workshop will show you how to:​
+ take a people-centered point of view
+ stimulate desirability & usability through testing
+ communicate persuasively, clearly and visually
+ think big while retaining little details
+ come up with lots of ideas fast

You only need to bring your imagination and passion to design for good. We'll bring all the rest. You'll leave this workshop able to convert good intent into great work.

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  1. How can you incorporate the principles of good design into complex public services? How can you persuade those in power to deliver better work?
  2. What are some approaches to come up with lots of ideas quickly? How can I cluster and organize ideas to focus on the most impactful idea?
  3. What unique lessons can I learn to drive practical and meaningful change at work? How can I sustain this for the long haul?


  • Lauren Currie, Programme Manager, MA Digital Experience Design, Hyper Island
  • Daniel Harvey, Director & Global Practice Lead, Experience Design, SapientNitro


Daniel Harvey, Dir & Global Practice Lead of Experience Design, SapientNitro

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