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Call of Duty: How STEM Can Change the Battlefield

With the next generation of warfare taking on the face of a video gamer in the States vs. a camouflage-painted soldier in the battlefield, STEM skills are increasingly important to today's military in order to continue protecting those that protect us. Activity-based intelligence, IT security infrastructure, drone navigation, "invisible" armor, aerial sensor - it's not "virtual reality"; it's the critical engineering prowess needed in the defense world. But maintaining it is proving a challenge. It's not just that talent is going elsewhere, there's a considerable lack of female and minority representation in the field. Hear from the world's second largest defense contractor BAE Systems CIO Michael Bennett why he is touting STEM as the "great equalizer", and how his industry is using social media to attract employees that would take their tech talent to traditionally-digital companies to defense related professions.




Michael Bennett, Chief Information Officer and Senior Vice President , BAE Systems, Inc.

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