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SXSW Interactive 2016

Protecting the Digital You

In today’s always-on world, more and more of our lives are shared and lived online. As the digital world evolves, so too must the notion of the digital self. Our online lives are truly extensions of us. As we embrace the benefits of technology, we don’t need to surrender our right to privacy and freedom of thought. Governments, corporations, and individuals have important roles in shaping a digital future that respects and promotes these rights. Nuala, in her role as advocate for advancing digital rights, will tackle the policy, legal, and personal boundaries necessary to successfully protect the digital you.

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  1. How do the rights of privacy and freedom of thought translate to the digital world?
  2. What roles do businesses, governments, and activists have in shaping a digital future?
  3. How do we advance human rights in a digital world?



Taylor Portela, Special Asst to Pres & CEO, Center for Democracy and Technology

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