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Cats vs. Causes: How to Make a Digital Difference

It’s both an exciting and daunting time for filmmakers creating short documentaries that incite social change. There are more platforms for distribution but the challenge is getting noticed in a world where animals, cute kids and internet memes get all the views. As a filmmaker, how can you better leverage digital platforms to deliver impactful stories to the widest audience?

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  1. As a filmmaker with a film about social change, what digital platforms are best for distribution to make the most impact?
  2. In a crowded online video world, is it even possible to produce a short doc that can create impact unless you make a hit like Kony 2012?
  3. A film about tough social issues may be hard to fund; what new funding sources can I leverage?
  4. What are big media organizations and streaming platforms doing to showcase digital shorts?
  5. As a filmmaker, how can I measure the success, impact and engagement of my film on digital platforms?



Eric Freeland, Director, PBS

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