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SXSW Interactive 2016

Wi-Fi in Jeopardy: Losing the Signal

Everyone loves Wi-Fi. It gives us access to the Internet wherever we are, without being tied down by a wire. As long as there’s access to a Wi-Fi router, we’re free to connect throughout our homes, schools, businesses, libraries, shopping centers and even whole communities. And with more users than ever connecting daily, Wi-Fi is at a critical inflection point. Will it’s future be full of congestion, offering users slow speeds and spotty access? Or will policies be put in place to protect it and promote its continued growth? Attendees will hear from Federal Communications Commissioners Jessica Rosenworcel and Michael O’Rielly as they discuss what policies are necessary to save our Wi-Fi.

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  1. How does the FCC plan to continue triumphing the expansion of unlicensed spectrum, which powers Wi-Fi?
  2. What are the social and economic benefits of Wi-Fi? What role does it play in innovation, remedying the digital divide and increasing access?
  3. The outcome of the upcoming incentive auction will have a big impact on the future of broadband. What does it mean for Wi-Fi and consumers' access?



Angela Hooks, Asso, Glen Echo Group LLC

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